On Choosing a Seattle Moving Company

Finding a mover in Seattle that would fit one’s needs can be difficult, but with a little guidance, zest, and caution, moving wouldn’t be as overwhelming as it tends to be. Choosing a moving company should be done in at least a month or two before the actual moving day. Foregoing it for too long and getting one on short notice can be a logistical nightmare.

Choosing a moving company in advance can help you book a good one. A moving company that’s known to provide quality service would most likely be reserved in advance by clients. Note that movers’ schedules are hectic during the end of the month, and during Fridays and weekends. Hiring their services at this time might be hard to come by and could be costly. On the other hand, booking them for quiet days like Mondays may mean that their services are offered at normal or discounted rates, depending on the mover.

Before choosing a moving company in Seattle, think about what you want to get done during the move. Consider the following factors:

  1. When are you planning to move, and on what date/s?
  2. How much stuff do you have that needs to be moved? Would you need additional storage services?
  3. Do want help in packing or would you rather do it yourself?
  4. How many valuable or fragile items need to be moved?
  5. How many vehicles would it take to transfer all your stuff?

Always plan ahead.


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