Make Moving a Pleasure through Packing

Without properly organizing and packing your things, moving can be quite stressful. You might end up wondering where you put something among your many boxes, and fragile items might get broken or create a mess. To avoid the stress, here are some tips:

Be super organized.

Take inventory, and group items into categories like things to throw out, sell or donate, and bring to the move. You may want to de-clutter and consider renting storage space for bulky but rarely used items. Label boxes with the room where specific house implements and decors belong, so your movers also know where to unload them. You can also number your boxes to keep track if they’re complete after the move.

Cushion, seal, and wrap!

Fragile items certainly need to be protected, but keeping other items safe should be done, too. Instead of buying bubble wrap, you can pack breakables in your clothes, blankets, and socks. Use saran or stretch wraps on items that may break open (e.g. bottles of liquid) or get wet (e.g. your furniture). Ask your mover to bring the appropriate number and sizes of wardrobe boxes.

Leave it to the pros.

Aside from transporting your belongings, Seattle moving companies that offer comprehensive services can do the packing and unpacking for you. There’s no better way to take pleasure in your move than to sit back, relax, and leave the work to the experts.


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